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FINALLY, THE HOT TUB INDUSTRY HAS SOMETHING FRESH AND NEW.  TUFF SPAS offers a unique concept in portable spas that gives our dealers an opportunity to separate themselves from the very competitive “traditional portable spa pool market” by offering a new and different product to sell.  The patented  Tuff Top cover, which is made from the same durable roto-molded polyethylene material as our shell, will never need to be replaced.  No more rotting, smelly or sagging covers.  The Tuff Top cover is much easier to open and much lighter than a traditional cover and other hard top covers and turns into a shelf/bar when open, giving bathers a place to put towels, robes, drinks, stereos, and much more.  The cover will last indefinitely in all climates and is the only hard top cover with a lifetime warranty.

Be different ……. Be Tuff!

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Tuff spa cover
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Spa Pool Models

Tuff Spa TT150 Sahara

TT150 - 2 Lounger seats

Our smallest spa. No steps required. Very comfortable and economical to run.

Tuff Spa TT450

TT450 - 7 seats

Currently Our Largest spa model. Very comfortable and economical to run.

Tuff Spa TT250 Sahara

TT250 - 4 seats

The most popular model in the USA. Very comfortable and economical to run.

Tuff Spa TT650

T650 - 5 seats

Our most popular Large spa. A lounger and 4 seats. Very comfortable and economical to run.

Tuff Spa TT350 Sahara

TT350 - 5 seats

Very comfortable and the only Spa design with a Unique Hard lid.

Spa pool TT150 Tuff Spa

TT150 Grey - 2 Lounger seats

Our Team

Office Manager TuffSpas


Office Manager

Sean Black

CEO/ Vice President

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